Sunday, June 27, 2010

Does Biology show evidence of Design?

The question is as old as the perennial search for meaning and purposed in the Universe. Does the study of biology show evidence of design? From July 9-18 2010 I have been truly blessed to be participating in an Intelligent Design in the Natural Sciences Seminar in Seattle, WA. Those who are knee-jerk Darwinian Evolutionists, materialists, naturalists, or otherwise fundamentally hostile to the notion of teleology in the natural sciences (and most relevant to me, the biological sciences) will be predictably outraged. I am ecstatic. The reading list, however, is ominous.

I just learned that humans and mice share 99% of our genome. Now, at last genomic sequence count, chimpanzees - our closest evolutionary cousins - shared something like 98.7% of our genome (the exact figures aren't really important). Certain species of marine worms have considerably more genes than humans do. I'm sensing a genomic revolution here.

Stay tuned for updates from my trip, starting July 9th!

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